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Cookie Policy

Some of our websites use "cookies." Cookies are small text files that are stored locally, in most cases temporarily, in your browser cache. Cookies are used, in particular, to recognize the Internet browser. Cookies are used for session control and for statistical analysis. These cookies do not contain any personal information whatsoever. Neither your name nor your e-mail address is collected by a cookie. Creating a pleasant, consistent environment for our customers also includes, in some cases, the use of cookies to process information in order to better understand what you expect from the website. Cookies can also help to personalize your visit. We can use information on your visit to optimize your next visit to our website.

Types of cookies used

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies allow our users to move around on the website and use functions. The requested services, such as protected areas and our product catalog, cannot be provided without these cookies. These cookies do not collect any information about you that can be used for marketing or advertising purposes. Our online shop uses cookies in order to securely save the contents of your virtual shopping cart for the duration of your purchase.

We use strictly necessary cookies to do the following:

  • To identify you as a user on individual pages so that the pages are presented correctly.
  • To make sure the website works and the functions are executed correctly.
  • To support new user registration.
  • To save your preferred settings, such as language or search settings.
  • To save your settings regarding the use of cookies.
Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies collect information on how users use our website. They help us to improve the functionality of our website, to see which areas of the website are of greater interest to our customers, and to learn more about the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. All of this helps us offer our users the best possible use when they visit our website.

We use performance cookies to do the following:

  • To prepare statistics on how our website is used,
  • To see how effective our advertising campaigns are, and
  • To access known user behavior that is not associated with specific individuals and use it to improve our website.

How long are cookies stored on your device?

Temporary cookies

All of our secure pages use temporary cookies ("session cookies") that are limited in term to a single session. These cookies are used in order to assign a session ID to you and save that ID so that you can move around without interruptions between the various areas of our website. This session ID is also used for internal reporting purposes. It is not possible to identify you personally based on this session ID. These kinds of cookies also do not leave any accessible information on your hard drive. Most of your cookies from direct providers are session cookies, which expire after the Internet browser is closed.

Permanent cookies

Our analytical cookies from direct providers and third-party cookies are permanent cookies, since they are used in order for us to better recognize user patterns over a longer period or in order for us to offer additional functions that you have requested in connection with the personalization of the website and with stored content. These may be stored on your computer for 24 hours, depending on the function they help to execute.

How are cookies managed?

You can use your browser settings to manage cookies in general, and you can also use our cookie tool to manage cookies specifically for our site alone. We place cookies in order to save your cookie settings. If you decide to opt out of cookies in general via your browser settings, you will need to readjust your settings in our tool each time you visit.

Deletion and deactivation of cookies via browser management

You can manage your cookies via your Web browser. At any time, you can set your browser to notify you every time you receive a cookie. This allows you to decide for yourself whether or not to accept the cookie. At no time can the cookie read data from your hard drive, and you can remove it from your computer at any time. You can find more information about this in your browser's help section.

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